Sara Bičič – Sensitivity & Beauty

Sara Bičič, is particularly attentive to the individual needs of the client and has specialized in the GuaSha and face lift after more than 10 years of experience in therapeutic, sports, drainage and relaxing massage.

Top five facialists in the world by Harper’s Bazaar Italy

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Sara Bičič, ustavnoviteljica Sensitivity and beauty, se kot nekdanja športnica zaveda pomena regeneracije telesa. Pred desetimi leti je spoznala [...]



I was very anxious and tired before treatment. I felt the tension around my neck shoulders and face. During the treatment, I felt warm moves on my face that made me feel relaxed and calm. I felt tension releasing in my jaw and forehead area, I could sense comfortable shivers as my scalp was relaxing. I could see the difference after my first treatment. I felt fresh, calm and I could feel my blood was well circulated. I looked younger because massage activated muscles and hid little wrinkles. I am so happy natural ways of looking younger and feeling good exist and are available. After her treatment, I felt beautiful, healthy, and relaxed – this is a feeling only our Sara can give you.

Anita Umek, physiotherapist
Wow, Sara’s facials are amazing! Her energy and passion is outstanding.
Sarah Nicolson
“Katia, you look great! What have you done to your face?”
My secret is called Sara and the effects of one of her facials give me every time the result of a “skin on holiday for two weeks”! Not only professional, gorgeous and sunny: Sara is capable, through her hands, of doing wonders. With her facial treatment which is a real workout aimed at stretching and relaxing the facial muscles – a mix of lifting massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage, deep toning, intraoral massage and Gua Sha facial – the volumes of the face are reshaped, the fine lines smoothed, the neck and shoulders finally relaxed and the complexion super glow! Without a doubt, my favourite facialist.
Katia Sabato, beauty editor and beauty expert

I had such a unique experience with Sara.
I discovered new beauty secrets, learned the techniques of face gym and face massage, and received many beauty tips, allowing me to practice by myself at home some great self-care beauty routines. Exactly what I love!
But it has also been a unique experience because my encounter with Sara started out as a collaboration, during quarantine, that turned into a friendship. All this to say that Sara is incredibly professional, knows her job and is a beautiful person inside and out!
Thank you Sara

Daniela Christiansson, international model and environmental activist