Sara Bičič, is particularly attentive to the individual needs of the client and has specialized in the GuaSha and face lift after more than 10 years of experience in therapeutic, sports, drainage and relaxing massage.

A pedagogist with a masters degree in adult education studies, “Andragogy Sciences,” decided to change her life and profession by dedicating herself to the well-being of the body and mind.

The desire to take care of herself, according to Sara, comes from within.

The term # facialist distinguishes her from the other professionals in the field because Sara at each session stimulates all facial structures, muscles, bones, lymphatic system, blood circulation, subcutaneous fat, as well as the most superficial part of the skin.

Sara’s motto is “Move Your Face. Change your life!”

Where can you find her?

At her residence in Slovenia, near the Italian border, in the city of Koper.

She is also used to travelling as she performs treatments by appointment in Trieste, Venice, Milan, Padua, Rome and Ljubljana as well.