Why do we need natural lifting?

With aging our facial bones start to move downwards. With that process, our muscles and skin on our face drop and start to become floppy. Wrinkles and muscular tension are the results of emotions that we express during our lifetime. With proper pressure on specific points on the costumer’s face and relaxation technique, we achieve face lifting results.  Facial muscles are the shortest in our body, that is why they can get activated very quickly. The results are visible after the first treatment.

Sculptural face lifting technique (SFL)

SFL technique or manual lifting was created to activate and reshape facial muscles. Some people call it ‘face gym’, because facial muscles actually passively train under the hands of the masseur.

Intraoral massage
Buccal Face Massage

This is the massage of the oral cavity. It is very relaxing and it reaches and activates the deepest face muscles. We perform the technique with special sterile gloves.

GUA SHA technique by Philosophia Botanica

We perform this technique with special Gua Sha stone as big as a little comb. We use this stone to rub it across meridians ( energy trails). In translation, Gua Sha means ”scraping heat”. With rubbing against skin we improve blood circulation, stimulate lymph, and activate muscles. Skin gets slightly red during Gua Sha treatment, but it doesn’t get hurt. Pressing and rubbing on specific acupuncture points is very pleasant and relaxing. This technique improves the overall look of the face, the fresher appearance of the skin and it’s regeneration, smoothing of wrinkles, face lifting, and reduction of puffiness.

Classic, sport and ‘deep tissue’ body massage

Did you know massage was the best way to regenerate your body after physical and emotional burdens?
Along with the facial treatments, Sensitivity and beauty offers back, legs and whole-body massages.