Today I was a guest on press conference in Milano, where I represented The flow Ritual by Philosophia Botanica together with amazing Francesca Canzano Franklin. In past few days we had an amazing experience of self care and relaxation. After Yoga Flow we introduced the steps of 

The flow ritual by Philosophia Botanica to the journalists. This procedure is getting more and more accepted and popular in London. 

What exactly is the Flow Ritual? It’s a holistic ritual that combines the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, the beneficial effects of the gold, stimulation techniques of acu-beauty points, and many other approaches. It was created to make the skin healthy, toned, and luminous by stimulating microcirculation, activating the lymphatic systems, and promoting the free flow of Qi.

The Flow Ritual by Philosophia Botanica is a professional protocol created for the most luxurious Spa centers. At the press event Flow Kits for self-care were presented. The Ritual is already well known at The Heavenly Spa dell’Hotel The Westin-London and now it’s coming to Milano too. I am very excited to be part of this beautiful experience.